All services at Royal Jatoz Hotel are 24/7.

At Royal Jatoz Hotel we value our guests and their time. We strive to provide convenience and comfort at any time of day.


Room Service
We want your stay to be as easy and relaxing as possible. If you don’t want to move a muscle, you don’t have to. We offer an in-room dining menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner that features food from our restaurant.


Fitness Center
For the safety and comfort of our corporate and leisure customers, we offer a variety of vehicles with special features including driver and passenger-side airbags, anti-lock brakes, stereo cassette and more.


Specialize in the preparation and packaging of various Asian, Continental, African and snack menus, integrating first-class services and tasty dishes into a special experience.


Whether you are going to have a business lunch, romantic candlelight dinner or just a drink after a busy day, our bar will always meet your needs.


Customer Service
We communicate directly with you to offer the best and unique services you require.